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INSA requests Indian Government intervention following the recent Pirate Attack in Gulf of Guinea in which 15 Seafarers were abducted and One killed

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MUMBAI: The Indian National Shipowners’ Association (INSA) has requested the intervention of the Government of India following the recent Pirate Attack in Gulf of Guinea. In an unfortunate development last week, Pirates captured 15 Seafarers and killed one off the Coast of Nigeria in the Gulf of Guinea. INSA has requested the Indian Government to intervene into the matter at the highest level and take it to United Nations Security Council (UNSC),where it currently enjoys the status of a non-permanent member.

Recent spike in Piracy is a cause of major concern for Indian vessels and seafarers operating in the region. According to reports,Pirates in the Gulf of Guinea kidnapped 130 seafarers in 22 separate incidents last year.

Due to its unique location and presence of large oil reserves, the Gulf of Guinea has strategic importance for India. Cargo from the region plays a crucial role in ensuring the energy security of our country. No wonder many ships travelling to and fro from India often transverse through the region.

“As one of the largest seafaring nations, Indian seafarers are present in large numbers in the ships of various Indian and international companies.

In fact, it will not be an exaggeration to say thatevery mercantile will invariably have an Indian onboard manning the critical functions of the vessel,”.

West Asia is an Oil rich region with huge reserves of fossil fuels. As a rising economy, our country must secure its energy supplies and the interest of India’s mercantile marine fleet and its seafarers goes hand in hand to ensure sustainable development of the economy”; said Mr. Anil Devli, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) – INSA.

“We must have a comprehensive mechanism to deal with the menace of piracy in the West Africa on the lines of the strait of Hormuz and the Indian Ocean region.”; he further added.

INSA has requested Seafarers Unions worldwide and various International maritime bodies to step up to the responsibility of sensitising governments worldwide to the need to combat the scourge of piracy.

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