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International Supply Chain Professionals Day 2024

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International Supply Chain Professionals Day 2024 on June 7 is an initiative of e2open, which celebrates all the workers who make the supply chain possible. This holiday goes far beyond truck drivers and container ship captains. It includes everyone from warehouse workers to inventory and transportation planners, export managers, load planners, and so many more. From the time we order something till the time it reaches our doorstep, there are multiple people involved in the process of making the transition happen. These people wear multiple hats of export managers, warehouse workers, truck drivers, ship captains, load planners, transportation planners, delivery agents and many more.

Be it people working behind a desk or working outdoors to make the transportation happen, each person has a significant contribution in making our favourite things reach us. Every year, International Supply Chain Professionals Day is observed to celebrate the resilience and the contributions of supply chain professionals throughout the world. As we gear up to celebrate the special day, here are a few things that we should keep in mind.

As we continue to confront global disruption in the form of natural disasters, geopolitical conflict, and more, professionals throughout the supply chain are left to adapt. To commend their resilience and show appreciation, supply chain management software company e2open is celebrating International Supply Chain Professionals Day.


Beginning with the COVID-19 pandemic, new world events are combining to form a seemingly perpetual storm of supply chain disruption. Whether it was strike threats, weather-related disasters, or the global semiconductor shortage, every manufacturer and consumer alike has felt the outcome of our fragmented supply chain.

Too often, the focus is put on the inconvenience rather than the people working to keep things in motion behind the scenes. For every port bottleneck, there are thousands of professionals working around the clock to mitigate backlogs. For every new shortage, there are warehouse workers and manufacturers working tirelessly to ramp up production. For every delay, there is a trucker or container ship captain fighting against time. But how often do people think about this when they open a parcel or run to the grocery store for milk?

Working in supply chain and logistics can be a thankless job; continued outcry from the industry around unfair treatment and an ongoing labor shortage is evidence of this. International Supply Chain Professionals Day is meant not only to honor these workers but also to raise awareness about just how much value they bring to our everyday lives. Key to this is education around the magnitude of how strained the supply chain is between capacity limitations, rising costs, and a lack of visibility. E2open, the connected supply chain SaaS platform with the largest multi-enterprise network, is eager to inform consumers of these obstacles but more importantly, to shed light on the critical role the workforce plays in combating them. This requires the recognition and celebration of the professionals core to our supply chains’ function.

E2open’s global network has revolutionized the supply chain for both professionals and businesses. The company’s mission is to build a global supply chain software ecosystem that will deliver unparalleled customer value through data, networks, and applications.

Source : National Today

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