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J M BAXI HEAVY sets new standards : Successfully delivers Heaviest Modules for L&T Marjan Offshore Field

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MUMBAI : In a monumental achievement within India’s engineering sphere, J M BAXI HEAVY announces the successful delivery of three of the heaviest modules for the L&T Marjan offshore field project.

Details of the Project:

Despite the hurdles posed by the Covid-19 lockdown in March 2020, our determined engineering team at J M BAXI HEAVY ensured the seamless fabrication of these enormous modules dubbed TP-11, TP-12, and TP-13.

Timelines and Execution:

The journey began in November 2023, navigating through challenges brought on by the pandemic. With careful planning, loadouts were conducted every 60 days Through innovative loadout arrangements and the implementation of a float-over operation, the safe and on-time transportation of these massive structures was ensured.

Setting New Records:

The final loadout of TP-12, was completed on May 30,2024. Here our specifics of the modules : These monumental modules, complete with load spreaders and axles, were transported and loaded out using state-of-the-art equipment, including 260 SPMT axle lines with 12 PPU and 85 ballast pumps. Each loadout, from axle insertion to final placement onto the HDB-402, a 400-class float-over barge, was efficiently executed within a mere 36 hours. With a combined weight of 18,000 metric tons and comprising 530,000 freight units, these modules signify a paradigm shift in engineering and logistics capabilities.

J M BAXI HEAVY extends its heartfelt gratitude to L&T Hydrocarbon for entrusting us with this monumental project. J M BAXI HEAVY remains steadfast in our commitment to uphold schedules and prioritise safety in all our endeavours.

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