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Jakson Green gears up for first Green Hydrogen Electrolyser soon

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NEW DELHI : Jakson Green is set to make waves in the Green Hydrogen sector. In just a few months, they’ll ship their first green hydrogen electrolyzer, marking a significant step towards a cleaner future.

With ambitious plans for a 1 gigawatt electrolyzer manufacturing plant and partnerships in the works, Jakson Green aims to be a leader in this burgeoning industry. They’re not only looking inward, but also setting their sights on exporting green methanol to maritime shipping lines, targeting 8-10% of their overall green molecule production.

Their innovative 10-tonnes-per-day green methanol production plant, capturing carbon dioxide from thermal power plants for hydrogen production, will be up and running by the end of this year.

Sustainability is in their DNA, with a target of 0.5 million metric tons per annum of green hydrogen and derivatives production by 2030. They’re actively participating in bids for port land allocation at India’s green hydrogen hubs, further solidifying their commitment.

The beauty lies in their strategic approach. The initial investments are light, focusing on crucial early-stage development like environmental assessments and securing partnerships. Jakson Green is already in talks with potential investors for both equity and debt, keeping their capital outgo minimal.

Their recent MoU with the Rajasthan government for a phased green hydrogen and ammonia project is just the beginning. States like Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, and Orissa are also on their radar for export-oriented scaling up.

Jakson Green’s ambitious vision and calculated moves are paving the way for a greener future in India and beyond. This is not just a company shipping electrolyzers; it’s a revolution taking shape, powered by clean hydrogen and fueled by unwavering commitment.

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