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John Chambers predicts India will lead global economy, surpassing US and China

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WASHINGTON D.C. : John Chambers, former CEO of Cisco Systems and renowned advocate for US-India relations, on Friday (June 21) boldly predicts India’s ascendance to becoming the world’s largest economy.

Mr. John Chambers, former CEO of Cisco Systems and renowned advocate for US-India relations

Speaking exclusively to CNBC-TV18’s Shereen Bhan, Chambers predicted, “India will become the largest economy in the world. I was the first one to really say that very aggressively.”

He continued, “By the end of the century, India will likely surpass the Chinese economy by 90% and exceed the US economy by 30%, provided we execute our strategies effectively.”

“I think this is the decade of India and the century for India,” Chambers stated emphatically, reaffirming his longstanding optimism and bullish outlook on India’s economic prospects.

Chambers expressed his optimism for India’s future, saying, “I believe this will be India’s century, and certainly its decade. The key lies in a transformative partnership between the US and India, unprecedented in history.”

Declaring confidence in India’s economic trajectory, Chambers asserted, “I believe this will be India’s century and decade,” emphasizing the transformative potential of unprecedented US-India collaboration.

He stressed the need for innovative initiatives, such as an industrial policy and strategic reforms in global supply chains and manufacturing, driven by joint efforts of government and business leaders from both nations.

Acknowledging India’s recent elections, Chambers commended Prime Minister Modi and applauded the smooth electoral process, which he deemed exemplary for democracies worldwide. “Now, you’re seeing the country leading innovation,” he noted, underscoring India’s evolving role on the global stage.

Reflecting on the strategic importance of the US-India partnership, Chambers referenced past endorsements from President Obama and Prime Minister Modi, who described it as a defining alliance for the 21st century.

“We have the opportunity to set new standards and achieve unparalleled economic growth through this unique partnership,” Chambers added.

John Chambers is the Chairman of the US-India Strategic Partnership Forum (USISPF), working closely with business and government leaders in both countries to create meaningful opportunities that can change citizens’ lives.

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