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Last-mile delivery capability covering over 100,000 villages in India

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Investment in Multimodal Logistics would be key to Economic Revival. “During the Great Depression of 1930s, enhanced attention was given to infrastructure to revive the economy of USA. The Indian Government is also focusing on making hubs and promoting multimodal logistic to make the recovery faster from the gravity of disruption done by the pandemic to the Indian economy,” said Gen (Dr.) V K Singh, Minister of State for Road Transport & Highways, Government of India during an e-conference on “The Multimodal Logistic Transport in Eastern India” organized by the Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICC). Gen (Dr.) V K Singh pointed out that from customs to rail, road, air and water transport, all the sectors need to fall in alignment to help the Indian economy shine.

He opined that if India can combine with Bangladesh then the whole river route will turn as a game changer for logistic transport in Eastern part of India.

In the webinar, Dr. Amita Prasad, Chairperson, IWAI explained that the opportunities for exporters using the Inland Water Transport (IWT) infrastructure should be analyzed in order to give an impetus to trade and supply chains through multimodal transport connection. Prasad said, ‘’In spite of the challenges faced by IWAI there are schemes that are undertaken for the development of inland waterways for promoting multimodal logistic transport.’’ According to Vikash Agarwal, President, ICC, ‘’We cannot move in the new century with old laws. The pandemic has shaken the world economy and the scenario for India was no different. India currently needs a synergy between railways, road and waterways for making its supply chains stronger and catering to domestic and international demand.’’

Jaideep Raha, MD, Jetex Ocean Air explained that the North Eastern part of India has been neglected in terms of logistics transport but it is indeed a goldmine in terms of resources. With the augment of multimodal logistic transport the North Eastern part of India, it will turn around and augment growth of the Indian economy.

Rampraveen Swaminathan, MD & CEO, Mahindra Logistics, stated ‘‘India needs to diversify its supply chain. We are witnessing a pandemic and everyone is anticipating a vaccine to be launched in our markets very soon. Multimodal logistic transport will provide that robust push to the delivery of vaccines throughout the nation. Unlimited access to the market from both the demand and supply side can be generated through multimodal transport in the North Eastern part of India. The hallmark of a healthy economy is accomplished when the logistic transportation of the entire nation is well integrated and that is only possible through multimodal transportation.’’

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