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Lulu Group to set up logistics, food-processing centre in Amritsar

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ABU DHABI : Lulu Group, a renowned Indian-United Arab Emirates (UAE)-based multinational conglomerate company, is set to launch a logistics and food processing centre located in Amritsar, Punjab.

The proposed centre, which will span 20 acres in Amritsar, is expected to have a capacity of 2 lakh metric tonnes.

“Our group is intending to have a logistics and food processing centre in Amritsar for the storage, processing, grading and packing of various local agriculture and other produce,” Salim M A, Director of Lulu Group said in a statement.

“Amritsar is known for its vibrant business environment and especially for its thriving small and medium enterprises (SMEs). The city will now be a part of our sourcing of local products which will greatly help SMEs, local farmers, agricultural cooperatives and farmers producer organisations,” he added.

The center is also expected to generate substantial job opportunities within the state.

About LuLu Group International

68-year-old United Arab Emirates (UAE) based-Indian businessman, M A Yusuff Ali, launched the first Lulu Hypermarket in 1995.

Headquartered in Abu Dhabi, the Lulu Group is known in the Gulf for its chain of popular shopping malls and hypermarkets that cater to a wide range of ethnic groups in the region.

In India, the group operates logistics and procurement centers in 15 states, exporting over 45,000 MT of agriculture and other products annually worth Rs 10,000 crore.

The LuLu Group has employed more than 70,000 people in 25 countries across the Middle East, Asia, the US, and Europe.

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