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‘Lvshui 01’-World’s first river-sea electric container ship sets sail

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ZHEJIANG : Lvshui 01, the world’s first river-sea electric container ship, arrived at Shengdong Wharf of Yangshan Port in east China’s Zhejiang Province on Monday, setting new records for the world’s first and largest vessel of its type. It will operate on a regular route from Nanjing to Yangshan Port.

The ship is 119.8 meters long, 23.6 meters wide, and 9 meters deep with a design draft of 5.5 meters. It has a gross weight of 8,261 metric tons and can achieve a maximum speed of 19.4 kilometers per hour.

It is outfitted with 36 containerized battery boxes, reaching a total capacity of more than 50,000 kilowatt hours.

As the world’s first ship of it type, Lvshui 01 is equipped with several innovative new technologies. It can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 12.4 metric tons per 100 nautical miles, saving 3,900 kilogram of fuel and an energy cost of about 33,500 yuan ($4,623).

It is expected to reduce 2,472 metric tons in exhaust emissions for the whole year, including about 2,362 tons of carbon dioxide.

This ship is set to drive the green, low-carbon and intelligent transformation of the shipping industry and promote green development.

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