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Malaysia imposes docking ban on Israeli ships, vessels heading to the country

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PETALING JAYA : Ships from an Israeli cargo shipping company, as well as those en route to the country or those hoisting the country’s flag, will be restricted from docking at Malaysia’s ports with immediate effect, said Malaysian Prime Minister Mr. Anwar Ibrahim.

“The Malaysian government has decided to bar and restrict Zim Integrated Shipping Services, which is a shipping company based in Israel, from docking at any Malaysian port,” he said in a statement on Dec 20.

Zim is a publicly held Israeli international cargo shipping corporation, and the Cabinet had allowed its ships to dock in Malaysia from 2002 onwards.

“In 2005, the Cabinet decided to permit the ship to dock in Malaysia,” Datuk Seri Anwar said. However, the current government has decided to cancel the decision of the former administration.

He said the Transport Ministry will take immediate action by imposing a permanent ban against the company. This ban will come into immediate effect.

In addition, any ships hoisting the Israeli flag will not be allowed to dock in Malaysia.

“Aside from that, Malaysia will also prohibit any ships on the way to Israel from unloading cargo in Malaysia ports. Both of these bans come into effect immediately,” Mr Anwar said.

He said this was in response to Israel’s actions, which he described as “breaching international laws and ignoring basic principles of humanity through its continuous atrocities against Palestinians”.

Mr Anwar said Kuala Lumpur was confident that the move would not have any impact on Malaysian trade.

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