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Meratus introduces new SMARCO-Smart Container solution

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SURABAYA : Indonesian shipping company Meratus has unveiled a new container solution, called SMARCO-Smart Container, aiming to increase the efficiency and security in box transportation.

Meratus said that SMARCO’s advanced Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, GPS tracking, and cloud-based technology allow businesses to have full visibility and control over their container shipments, including real-time monitoring of movement, speed, shock, intrusion, and temperature changes.

Additionally, SMARCO’s advanced security system can detect any unauthorised opening or forced entry, preventing the possibility of theft or illegal smuggling.

After arrival at the destination, customers receive a comprehensive report on every factor that occurred during the shipment process. This report can be used to analyse the shipment’s performance, identify factors that need to be optimised for cost efficiency, time effectiveness, and carbon emission reduction, and improve supply chain effectiveness and security systems.

“With real-time information, our customers can easily track their containers on land or sea. The information available in SMARCO can also be used for analysing operational cost savings and better security systems,” commented Farid Belbouab, CEO of Meratus.

The SMARCO device has various features, including 16-sided intrusion detection, temperature sensing, shock detection, weight prediction technology, and built-in logging. It also has solar panel battery charging, low power technology, vibration and acceleration sensing, and motion sensing capabilities. The SMARCO device has a long battery life of up to 10 years and can track the container’s location using GPS technology.

Furthermore, it has data security encryption and fast network registration, ensuring the safety and efficiency of your container shipment.

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