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Mysore Railway division sets new freight transport record with 7.242 million tonnes in 8 months

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MUSURU : In a remarkable achievement, the Mysore Railway Division of the South Western Railways (SWR) has set a new record by transporting a total of 7.242 million tonnes of freight in the last eight months, marking a significant increase from the previous year. From April to November 2023, the division witnessed a substantial growth in cargo movement, surpassing the figures recorded in the same period in 2022.

The total cargo transported during these eight months reflects an impressive increase of 1.700 million tonnes compared to the previous year. This growth represents a remarkable surge of 30.68 percent, underscoring the division’s efficiency and commitment to freight operations. The revenue generated from cargo movement during the period from April to November 2023 amounted to Rs 620.20 crore, marking a substantial increase of Rs 171.54 crore compared to the corresponding period last year. The division’s focus on enhancing efficiency and optimizing freight operations has resulted in a notable financial boost.

In November 2023 alone, the Mysore Division handled 1.029 million tonnes of cargo, indicating a remarkable increase of 53.13 percent compared to November 2022. This spike in cargo movement contributed significantly to the additional income generated during the month.

A diverse range of goods was transported by the Mysore Division in November 2023, including 0.830 million tonnes of iron ore, 0.163 million tonnes of mineral oil, 0.003 million tonnes of food grains, 0.006 million tonnes of automobiles, and 0.033 million tonnes of other goods.

The Divisional Railway Manager of South Western Railway, Mysore Division, Ms. Shilpi Agarwal, lauded the excellent performance, emphasizing the commitment to operational excellence and customer satisfaction.

She expressed pride in the achievement and affirmed the division’s dedication to innovation and efficiency for continued success.

The Mysore Railway Division’s stellar performance in freight transport sets a positive trajectory for its future endeavors in the realm of railway operations.

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