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Nitin Gadkari lays foundation for 10 National Highway projects

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NEW DELHI : Union Minister of Road Transport & Highways Shri Nitin Gadkari on Friday laid the foundation stone of 10 National Highway projects in Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh. These projects, valued at Rs 10,000 crore, mark a significant step towards enhancing the region’s infrastructure. 

According to Gadkari, the completion of 2 bypasses within Jaunpur city and the construction of a ring road will alleviate traffic congestion and stimulate industrial growth in the area.

He highlighted that the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has made substantial advancements as part of the PM Gatishakti National Master Plan, focusing on enhancing multi-modal and last-mile connectivity nationwide. One notable project within this initiative is the Prayagraj-Dohrighat Corridor Project, spanning across Prayagraj, Jaunpur, and Azamgarh districts in Uttar Pradesh. This corridor, comprising four lanes, aims to connect various crucial infrastructural nodes.

Divided into four packages, the project links the Purvanchal Expressway, 11 National Highways, 2 State Highways, 5 railway stations, and 2 airports. By constructing this corridor, traffic congestion in five pivotal commercial hubs – Phulpur, Mungarabadpur, Machhilishahr, Jaunpur, and Azamgarh – will be mitigated. Moreover, this ambitious endeavor seeks to provide seamless connectivity, foster significant economic growth, and generate employment opportunities for consumers, farmers, youth, and entrepreneurs.

This project, being built in a total of 4 packages, connects Purvanchal Expressway, 11 National Highways, 2 State Highways, 5 railway stations, 2 airports. The construction of this road will reduce traffic problems in these 5 important commercial cities of Phulpur, Mungarabadpur, Machhilishahr, Jaunpur and Azamgarh. This ambitious project aims to provide seamless connectivity as well as generate huge economic benefits and increase employment to consumers, farmers, youth and business people, Gadkari said.

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