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Ocean Network Express sponsors the Penguin Cove in Singapore’s New Bird Paradise

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SINGAPORE : Ocean Network Express Pte Ltd. (ONE) is proud to announce our sponsorship of the Penguin Cove in Bird Paradise, Singapore’s new bird park by the Mandai Wildlife Group.

In January this year, Jurong Bird Park closed after 52 years of operations and a new chapter begins
with the brand-new Bird Paradise, located in the Mandai Wildlife Reserve, an integrated nature and
wildlife destination in Singapore. Home to 3,500 birds from 400 species, the 17-hectare park features
highlights like the eight large walk-through aviaries that reflect different habitats around the world, a
2,000-seat Sky Amphitheatre, and a state-of-the-art Ocean Network Express Penguin Cove. The
3,000m2 facility features two salt-water acrylic tanks, which are amongst the largest in the world. The
habitat also features a lighting setup that mimics the day and night cycles of the Sub-Antarctic
Falkland Islands, a key welfare enhancement for the birds and facilitates their breeding cycles.

Bird Paradise is one of two new wildlife parks under an exciting rejuvenation plan by Mandai Wildlife
Group that will see an expanded suite of offers clustered at the Mandai Wildlife Reserve. Five wildlife
parks with distinctive offerings are being integrated with green public spaces and an eco-friendly
resort, providing access to a wide range of sustainable and ethical wildlife experiences.

This significant partnership with the Mandai Wildlife Group underscores Ocean Network Express’
commitment to marine life conservation and its ecosystem. This is a cause close to our hearts as a
global shipping company.

Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Jeremy Nixon, attended the preview on 6 May ahead of Bird
Paradise’s soft opening.

Jeremy Nixon, CEO, Ocean Network Express said: “Through our sponsorship of the Ocean Network
Express Penguin Cove, we are proud to support the Mandai Wildlife Group as they develop this
unique integrated wildlife and nature destination. We expect Mandai Wildlife Reserve will not only
attract the local community but also tourists to our shores. In addition, its world-class conservation
practices, ethical and progressive biodiversity initiatives will serve as a benchmark for zoological
institutions worldwide.”

Bird Paradise is open to the public from 8 May 2023.

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