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OOCL Logistics launches next-gen product – PODIUM Precision

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HONG KONG : OOCL Logistics is delighted to introduce PODIUM Precision, the next-generation end-to-end supply chain technology that processes multiple real-time data sources to offer full visibility, convenient traceability and enhanced transparency on every shipment.

PODIUM Precision markedly improves collaboration and decision-making at every stage of the supply chain by leveraging intelligent data processing, automation, and performance optimization methods supported by today’s industry-leading technologies.

With accurate predictive analytics capabilities, PODIUM Precision provides new levels of insight in supply chain management and optimization which greatly contributes to the decision-making process when mitigating for any potential risks or unexpected shipment disruption events.

By combining such technologies with OOCL Logistics’ expertise in efficient global supply chain management, this innovative supply chain solution helps to ensure that shippers can consistently meet their customers’ standards and requirements while staying ahead of the competition.

Over the years, OOCL Logistics has been committed to its digital transformation journey, deploying advanced technology and providing quality service for the ultimate customer experience. That is why we are very excited with the launch of PODIUM Precision and sharing our latest innovation with customers as we enter the next evolutionary phase of transportation and logistics with full end-to-end supply chain visibility at every milestone.

PODIUM Precision was launched on May 2, 2021

Source : Ajot.com

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