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PLUSS, Apollo LogiSolutions set up packaging boxes facility for temperature sensitive vaccines

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The boxes maintain temperature without electricity at desired levels for over 4 days, using ‘phase change materials’ technology

HYDERABAD : PLUSS Advanced Technologies (PLUSS), a Delhi based company, in collaboration with Apollo Supply Chain, part of the Apollo International Group, has set up a 20,000 sqft facility in Hyderabad, for packaging boxes for temperature sensitive vaccines, pharmaceuticals and biologics.

The boxes maintain temperature without electricity at desired levels for over 4 days, using ‘phase change materials’ technology. The 20,000 sqft facility has the capacity to condition boxes for transporting equivalent of 3 to 5 million vaccine doses per month, and cater to various vaccine and pharma manufacturers in and around Hyderabad.

With the installation of this facility, the burden of creating a cold chain logistics infrastructure for pharmaceutical companies can be reduced. It also allows optimal use of resources between companies. The boxes come pre-fitted with temperature sensors and monitoring of temperature is seamless,” Samit Jain, CEO, PLUSS said in a statement.

Raaja Kanwar, VC & MD, Apollo LogiSolutions said, “This facility addresses the obligation on pharmaceutical companies to create a cold-chain supply infrastructure for the vaccines.”

The temperature sensitive boxes, called Celsure, are customizable and can maintain temperature from -70°C to +30°C, in 35 different ranges. The boxes are also used to transport Covid-19 vaccines, which require temperatures in the range +15°C to +25°C, -15°C to -25°C, and +2°C to +8°C.

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The Celsure box serves as a better and safer alternative to dry ice and conventional ice-packs, and brings about operational and cost efficiency in transporting temperature sensitive cargo, including pharmaceutical products, vaccines and foodstuff.

PLUSS has partnered with pharmaceutical companies across India for transporting their products using Celsure boxes, and also exports Celsure boxes and its ‘phase change materials’ to pharma packaging suppliers in Europe and US.

Source : The Hindu Businessline

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