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Ports of Hamburg, Halifax, and Valencia establish network of port innovation centers

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HAMBURG : The Ports of Hamburg, Halifax, and Valencia started making progress on the design and implementation of the first network of port innovation centers.

This new initiative was unveiled during the Port Entrepreneurship International Congress, which was presented as part of the Valencia Digital Summit by Opentop.

The purpose is to create a global network of port innovators. This initiative aims to embrace innovation adoption in the global port system by connecting communities of innovation centers, such as startups, entrepreneurs, firms, academics, colleges and universities, and shareholders, in order to share creative concepts, project outcomes, innovation experiences, techniques, and best practices.

“For any innovation hub it is of utmost importance to share with other hubs our best practices from homePORT in collaboration between each port and the members of its innovation community and to communicate the benefits and results of innovative projects with the network members,” stated Phanthian Zuesongdham, head of the Port Process Solution Division of the port of Hamburg Authority.

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