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Saudi Red Sea Authority: Architects of the Kingdom’s Sustainability Initiatives

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RIYADH : Behold the captivating beauty of the Red Sea, where each wave carries the promise of a sustainable tomorrow. The Saudi Red Sea Authority are more than regulators; they are guardians of this natural wonder from the impact of coastal tourism activities.

In their quest for sustainability, Saudi Red Sea Authority has joined hands with over 13 entities, creating a united front for environmental protection and fostering regenerative practices.

With a dedicated steering committee serving as architects of long-term initiatives, the body’s aim is to regenerate the delicate balance of Saudi Arabia’s coastal ecosystem.

The Saudi Red Sea Authority has initiated over 12 short-term projects and outlined 18 mid- and long-term strategic initiatives. Each action is a testament to its commitment to overcome environmental challenges through regenerative and sustainable coastal tourism.

For the Saudi Red Sea Authority sustainability isn’t just a goal, it’s a regenerative and sustainable journey that forges a future where the Red Sea stands as a beacon of environmental resilience and champions regenerative tourism practices.

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