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Saudi Red Sea Authority & ECZA Sign a Cooperation Agreement

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RIYADH : Saudi Red Sea Authority (SRSA) signed a cooperation agreement with the Economic Cities and Special Zones Authority (ECZA), to cooperate, integrate, and coordinate in facilitating procedures of coastal tourism activities and projects.

During the signing ceremony, SRSA was represented by Head of Strategic Partnership HH Saud Bin Turki Al -Saud, while ECZA was represented by Deputy of Customer Services Mr.Abdullah Noor.

The signing of this agreement aligns with SRSA’s mandate to enable coastal tourism activities, attract investment, promote tourism destinations in the Red Sea, and develop the human capital in the industry by integrating with the relevant entities, in order to build a thriving and sustainable coastal tourism sector.

While the agreement also entails establishing a mechanism to facilitate procedures of coastal tourism activities and projects, along with supporting their development in economic cities. Additionally, the agreement aims to improve training in the coastal tourism sector, provide community-based initiatives, as well as promoting unique tourism experiences and investment opportunities, by working with the relevant entities to enhance the quality and efficiency of the provided services.

SRSA began its journey towards building and regulating the coastal tourism sector in 2021, with the objective of enhancing integration between the relevant entities by issuing licenses and permits, developing the necessary policies and strategies, determining infrastructure requirements, preserving the marine environment, enabling investors including SMEs, and promoting navigational and marine tourism activities, which will reflect as an added value to the national economy.

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