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Sending all containers to Chittagong depots stops to lower Port congestion

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DHAKA : The tenure for sending all types of containers to the Chittagong off docks from the port yards, which was temporarily introduced back on 25 July after boxes stockpiled at the yards following Covid-19 linked factory shutdown and Eid holidays, has ended on 31 August.

Therefore, from 1st September, the Chittagong Port Authority will send only 38 types of goods laden containers to the 17 privately owned Inland Container Depots, like in the past.

Traders said sending of all types of goods laden boxes to the off docks has helped lower the container congestions at the port yards and conducting smooth operations there and also lowered the vessel queue at the outer anchorage of Chittagong port.

Officials said apparel is the main export item of Bangladesh and the garment makers had been strongly opposing the shifting of all goods laden boxes to the private container depots citing severe cost hike and additional time consumption.

Therefore, although the decision taken on 25 July has largely helped to contain congestions both in the port yards and outer anchorage, the National Board of Revenue did not announce an extension of the tenure.

On 31 August, 37,384 containers were lying at the port yards compared to the total storage capacity of 49,018TEU.


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