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Shantanu Thakur visits Deendayal Port, inaugurated projects of DPA Kandla

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GANDHIDHAM : Shri Shantanu Thakur, Hon’ble Minister of State for Ports, Shipping & Waterways, Govt. of India visited Deendayal Port Authority, Kandla on 19-01-2024, inaugurated various several transformative projects, marking a commitment to growth and prosperity. The Hon’ble Minister was accompanied by Smt. Maltiben Maheshwari, Hon’ble MLA-Gandhidham; Shri S.K. Mehta, IFS, Chairman-DPA; Shri Nandeesh Shukla, IRTS, Dy. Chairman; Shri J.K. Rathod, CPES, Shri Rahul Modi, Member National Shipping Board and senior Officials of DPA.

Shri Shantanu Thakur inaugurated Fire-fighting System and Quick Release Mooring Hooks at Oil Jetty No. 7

Deendayal Port Oil Jetty No. 07, Deendayal Port proudly introduces its state-of-the-art Fire Fighting
System and Quick Release Mooring Hooks, setting new benchmarks for safety and efficiency in maritime operations.
Fire Fighting System Highlights:
• Cutting-Edge Design: OJ 7’s Fire Fighting facilities adhere to the latest OISD156 standard requirements and PESO compliance, showcasing a commitment to safety excellence.
• Comprehensive Control: A dedicated control room enables remote operation of the entire system during emergencies or fires, ensuring swift and effective response.
• Dynamic Operation: The complete fire-fighting system, operating on sea water, incorporates three fire pumps (2 main + 1 standby), jockey pump, foam pumps (1 main + 1 standby), and a range of advanced firefighting equipment.
• Versatile Equipment: OJ 7’s firefighting system boasts remote-operated tower monitors, jumbo water curtain nozzles, sprinkling systems, ground water foam monitors, hydrants, gas detectors, fire detection and alarm systems, and more.
• Technical Excellence: The fire pumps, jockey pump, foam pump, tower monitors, water curtain nozzles, sprinkling system, and ground water cum foam monitors are meticulously designed with robust specifications for optimal performance.

Quick Release Mooring Hooks:
• Efficient Vessel Operations: OJ 7’s Quick Release Mooring Hooks (QRMH) streamline mooring and berthing operations with fast and efficient vessel handling.
• Safety Integration: Designed in accordance with Ex. (Hazardous) Zone -I, the QRMH units feature remote operation capabilities for quick vessel release in case of emergencies, enhancing overall safety.
• Versatility in Hook Configuration: Among the 08 QRMH units, 2 boast Quadruple hooks (04 Nos.) while the remaining 6 feature Triple hooks (03 Nos.), providing flexibility for various vessel types.
• Total Hook Capacity: With a hook capacity of 100 tons each, the 26 hooks collectively ensure secure mooring and berthing operations.
• Integral Capstan System: The QRMH units are equipped with integral capstans, providing additional efficiency for pulling vessel ropes during berthing.
• Remote Operation: The entire system, comprising 08 QRMH units, can be operated locally or remotely from the control room, offering enhanced control and adaptability.
Deployment of these advanced systems underscores its commitment to safety, efficiency, and cutting-edge technology in maritime operations.

Shri Shantanu Thakur further also inaugurated the Revolutionizing Illumination: State-of-the-Art LED Lighting System at Cargo Berth no. 16, Deendayal Port
A ground breaking project is set to transform the landscape at the Cargo Berth no. 16 area with the installation of a cutting-edge lighting system featuring the latest in energy-efficient LED luminaries. Spearheaded by M/S. N. K. Industrial Service, Gandhidham, the project boasts a cost of Rs. 2.73 Cr.
Key Project Details:
• High Mast Lighting Towers: The project encompasses the installation of 16 towering lighting structures, each standing at an impressive 30 meters, ensuring comprehensive coverage of the designated area.
• Energy-Efficient LED Flood Lights: A total of 261 advanced 470-watt warm white LED flood lights have been strategically placed to provide optimal illumination, surpassing industry standards for energy efficiency.
• Dramatic Illumination Improvement: The average illumination level is set to soar to more than 35 lux, marking a remarkable transformation from the meager 1 to 5 lux experienced before the project’s commissioning.
• Perfect Lighting Uniformity: The project achieves impeccable lighting uniformity across the entire area, ensuring a visually appealing and safe environment.
• Rapid Lux Level Enhancement: Post-commissioning, lux levels are projected to elevate significantly, ranging from 9 to an impressive 60 lux, enhancing visibility and security for all activities in the 16th Cargo Berth Area.
• The Lighting uniformity is seamless over the designated area.
This project not only demonstrates a commitment to cutting-edge technology but also underlines the dedication to creating a well-lit, energy-efficient, and safe environment.

During the visit of Shri Shantanu Thakur, Hon’ble Minister of State for Ports, Shipping & Waterways; Shri S.K. Mehta, IFS, Chairman and Shri Nandeesh Shukla, IRTS, Dy. Chairman, DPA briefed the dignitary on the working of the Port, Navigational Channel, waterfront & Infrastructural Facilities at the Port, in the presence of Smt. Maltiben Maheshwari, Hon’ble MLA-Gandhidham; Shri Rahul Modi, Member-National Shipping Board and senior officials of DPA.

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