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Stevin Shipping undertakes major Iron Ore Shipments on India’s East Coast

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BHUBANESHWAR : Stevin Shipping Private Limited, a prominent player in the shipping and logistics industry, is set to manage two substantial dry bulk cargo movements involving iron ore on India’s east coast. The operations, scheduled for June, highlight the company’s extensive capabilities in vessel chartering and bulk cargo management.

The first major shipment involves the transportation of 91,000 metric tons of iron ore fines from Gopalpur Port in India to a port in North China. This significant international consignment underscores Stevin Shipping’s ability to handle large-scale, transcontinental logistics with precision and efficiency. The Gopalpur to North China route is crucial for connecting Indian mineral resources with global markets, and Stevin Shipping’s involvement showcases its operational excellence and international reach.

In addition to the international movement, Stevin Shipping is also facilitating a domestic coastal shipment of 55,000 metric tons of iron ore from Paradeep Port to Chennai Port. This operation highlights the company’s robust infrastructure and expertise in coastal logistics, ensuring smooth and timely deliveries within India’s extensive maritime network.

Stevin Shipping’s operations are supported by a highly skilled team and advanced logistics solutions, making it a trusted partner for both international and domestic bulk cargo movements. The company’s comprehensive services include vessel chartering, cargo handling, and efficient logistics management, ensuring that bulk shipments are executed with utmost precision and reliability. These shipments reflect Stevin Shipping’s commitment to supporting the growth of India’s mining and export sectors by providing reliable and efficient maritime logistics solutions. With a proven track record and a dedicated team, Stevin Shipping Private Limited continues to set benchmarks in the shipping industry, facilitating the seamless movement of vital commodities across the globe.

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