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Tamil Nadu continues to be number one state in electronic goods exports in FY24

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CHENNAI : Tamil Nadu continues to consolidate its position as India’s leading exporter of electronic products with its share constituting a whopping one-third of India’s total electronic goods value of $29.12 billion during FY24.

Breaking the news of the State’s shattering records in electronics exports, TN Industry Minister TRB Rajaa posted on ‘X’: “Tamil Nadu has achieved a record-breaking $9.56 billion in electronics exports in FY 2023-24. That’s a remarkable 32.84 per cent of the total national share. Last year, we clocked $5.37 billion and rose to the top. This year, we met the $9 billion target, estimated a few months ago, and surpassed it.” An interesting aspect of the milestone is that TN appears to have left all the other states well behind.

Karnataka, which reported $4.60 bn, a 15.78 per cent share of the country’s electronics exports, is the next biggest exporter, reflecting the wide gap between TN and its neighbouring State, while Uttar Pradesh at $4.46 billion (15 per cent) is the third best performer in this category. Maharashtra at $3.09 billion (10.6 per cent), Gujarat at $2.75 billion (9.43 per cent) and Delhi at $1.51 billion (5.18 per cent) are the other three states that have breached the billion dollar mark, as per the data.

As per Thursday’s market estimate, 1 US dollar equals to Rs 83.58.

From April 2023 to October 2023, the State had recorded $4.78 billion.

India’s total export value between April 2023 and March 2024 stood at $437.06 bn. It exports to 200 countries/territories across 31 commodities.

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