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Tamil Nadu’s Integrated Logistics Plan is a Boon for the Logistics Sector : Aakanksha Bhatt, VP, Jassper Shipping

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CHENNAI : Tamil Nadu is one of India’s most progressive and rapidly developing states, with a strong focus on infrastructural growth. Tamil Nadu has retained its top spot as an “achiever” state in the Logistics Ease Across Different States (LEADS) 2023 rankings, highlighting its robust logistics infrastructure and efficient operations. The state aims to grow its logistics sector from USD 48.1 billion in 2020-21 to USD 250 billion by 2030-31, contributing significantly to its ambitious economic targets. The state’s logistics sector has undergone a significant transformation, driven by the state’s proactive approach towards developing multi-modal logistics parks and improving first and last-mile connectivity. This has led to increased efficiency and cost-effectiveness in the movement of goods and contributed to the state’s position as a major logistics hub in Southern India.

The government has recognised the need to improve first and last-mile connectivity and has taken proactive measures to address the issue. The state has been focusing on the development of multi-modal logistics parks in various key locations, including Chennai, Kattupalli, Madurai, and Coimbatore. These parks provide a one-stop solution for all logistics activities, including storage, transportation, and value-added services by bringing together different modes of transportation.

What role do Shipping Companies play? 

The shipping companies in Tamil Nadu play an instrumental role in introducing innovative solutions to overcome the challenges faced by the logistics sector. They use blockchain technology to streamline documentation and improve transparency in the supply chain. Shipping service providers have also played a significant role in facilitating trade and commerce in the state. With the efficient movement of goods, these companies have opened up new opportunities for businesses to expand and trade internationally.

Ms. Aakanksha Bhatt, Vice President of Jassper Shipping, highlights, “The government’s role in enabling a unified policy and building multi-modal parks is a commendable step. This further enables the shipping industry to improve the state’s logistics landscape by providing efficient and cost-effective solutions. With a strong infrastructure, both first and last-mile connectivity improves, enabling cost savings for the entire supply chain..”

How do Shipping Companies help in Building Connectivity to Multi-Modal Parks?

To capitalise on Tamil Nadu’s logistics evolution, the industry can explore several strategic options:

  • Technological Integration: Shipping companies should embrace constant digital transformation by utilising state-of-the-art transportation management systems, route planning software, and real-time tracking devices, enabling them to optimise their operations and provide timely updates to their clients. This not only helps to improve the efficiency of their operations but has also increased customer satisfaction.
  • Constant Innovation: Shipping companies constantly invest in research and development, exploring new technologies and solutions to further enhance first/last mile efficiency. This ensures they remain at the forefront of the evolving logistics landscape in Southern India.
  • Data-Driven Decision Making: These shipping companies recognise the power of data and utilise analytics to inform strategic decisions. By analysing traffic patterns, cargo volumes, and operational data, they optimise their services and cater to specific needs within the multi-modal park ecosystem.
  • International Expertise: Companies dealing with international clientele can collaborate to create efficient intermodal transportation plans. The company’s wider reach and deeper understanding of the local as well as global terrain and challenges can help the state to leverage the right resources, and knowledge and pave its way to evolution. 
  • Focus on Sustainability: Implementing green logistics practices and fuel-efficient technologies not only attracts environmentally conscious clients but also reduces carbon footprint and operating costs. By optimising routes and reducing transportation time, the company focuses on reducing carbon emissions and contributing to Tamil Nadu’s sustainable development goals.
  • A Symbiotic Relationship: By proactively addressing first and last-mile challenges, shipping companies can not only enhance their competitiveness but also contribute to the overall growth of Tamil Nadu’s logistics sector. By providing efficient and cost-effective solutions, they can attract more businesses to utilise the state’s multi-modal parks, further boosting its position as a logistics powerhouse.

The Road Ahead:

Shipping Companies focus on first/last mile connectivity within Tamil Nadu’s multi-modal parks aligns perfectly with the state’s vision to become a global logistics hub. By leveraging technology, collaboration, and a commitment to innovation, companies like Jassper Shipping have the potential to bridge the critical gap in the logistics chain and unlock the full potential of these multi-modal parks”, adds Ms. Aakanksha Bhatt.

As Tamil Nadu’s industrial landscape continues to grow, the state is poised to develop the State Integrated Logistics Plan. This plan will connect inter-state sea routes, ensuring the seamless transport of industrial goods to consumers through cold storage and warehouse facilities. This, in turn, will not only boost trade and economic growth but also create a more efficient and sustainable logistics ecosystem for Tamil Nadu and beyond.

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