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Toll Tax Fastag to be discontinued next Month, New Toll System disclose

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NEW DELHI : Traveling long distances often involves passing through toll plazas where drivers are required to pay toll tax. Initially, this process involved cash transactions at toll booths, causing long queues and inconvenience.

To address this, the government introduced  Fastag, revolutionizing toll payments and saving time and money for drivers. However, a new toll system is on the horizon, promising further convenience and efficiency.

When embarking on a lengthy journey along the highway, motorists encounter toll plazas where toll tax is obligatory for every driver. Initially, this process involved cash transactions at the toll plaza, resulting in lengthy queues of vehicles.

Union Transport Minister Shri Nitin Gadkari announced the government’s decision to eliminate toll booths nationwide, replacing them with a GPS-Satellite Based Toll Connection System.

Toll collection on national highways has relied on toll booths, where drivers pay fees. The introduction of  Fastag made toll payments seamless, but long queues persisted, prompting the need for a permanent solution.

The government’s new initiative involves a GPS-based toll collection system, aiming to eliminate long queues at toll booths. With this system, toll charges will be deducted directly from drivers’ bank accounts via GPS installed in their vehicles.

Additionally, number plate surveillance cameras will monitor vehicles, determining toll charges based on traveled routes and time. The introduction of this system marks a significant step towards streamlining toll collection processes.

To maintain efficiency, vehicles should spend no more than 10 seconds at toll booths, as per NHAI regulations. Queues at toll plazas should not exceed 100 meters, and designated yellow strips indicate this limit. If drivers encounter issues or are wrongly charged toll fees, they can contact NHAI’s helpline for assistance.

While Fastag has simplified toll payments, challenges persist, such as incorrect deductions and double charges. Complaints have surfaced regarding toll deductions for vehicles parked at home. To address such issues, drivers can file complaints through NHAI’s toll-free helpline or the respective bank’s Fastag helpline.

Transport Minister Shri Nitin Gadkari has announced plans to implement the GPS-based toll collection system next month. This system aims to eliminate toll booths entirely, revolutionizing toll collection processes across the country.

The transition away from Fastag signifies a significant shift in toll collection methods, promising greater efficiency and fairness for drivers nationwide.

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