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Unifeeder & Neste partnering to meet ambitious sustainability visions

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AARHUS : Unifeeder and Neste recognize their responsibility in actively driving the reduction of emissions for the future well-being of societies. Still, the most substantial breakthroughs in transport efficiency will not come from individual acts, but rather from joint efforts.

In today’s modern world, most supply chains are complex and international, ultimately calling for efficient transport solutions. To accelerate the green agenda and deliver low-carbon supply chains, new ways of thinking, innovation, and collaborations are needed, enabling efficiency and sustainability to go hand in hand.

Neste is the world’s largest producer of renewable fuels like renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuel refined from waste and residues. These alternative fuels play a critical role in achieving transportation climate goals as they reduce greenhouse gas emissions significantly compared to fossil fuels. Neste creates solutions for combating climate change, and the Finnish company has also set an ambitious target for carbon neutral production by 2035 as well as helping their customers in reducing their emissions by up to 20 million tons yearly by 2030.

DP World-owned Unifeeder Group is a global provider of logistics solutions through regional feeder and shortsea/nvocc networks across many geographies. Multimodal transport solutions, combining modalities such as sea, rail, and road serve as a greener alternative to conventional, unimodal inland transportation with significantly reduced CO2 emissions per ton carried. Among other initiatives, Unifeeder recently took part in a world-first for the marine industry by fueling the vessel ElbBlue with liquefied SNG (Synthetic Natural Gas), aiming to boost the shipping industry’s efforts to reduce its carbon emissions.

With such offerings, Unifeeder and Neste have identified a synergy, allowing both organizations a higher level of sustainability in their supply chains.

To be able to deliver products to its customers efficiently and reach its climate targets in Finland, Neste needs efficient, low-emission logistic partners. To offer low-carbon supply chain solutions, Unifeeder needs to support the multimodality with alternative fuels, which is considered a vital catalyst to speed up decarbonization.

About the partnership, Unifeeder’s Operations Director, Shortsea, Ömer Ceran, states: “We are glad to join forces to reduce GHG emissions even further and drive sustainable supply chains, aligning with our sustainability targets and business practices. Moreover, we are very proud to help Neste in reaching their ambitious sustainability target in terms of having a carbon neutral production by 2035.”

Unifeeder’s solution to secure both an effective and sustainable logistic setup for Neste was simple. A containerized multimodal setup combining sea-freight with road transportation, offering significantly reduced greenhouse gas emissions per ton, compared to alternatives. The “last-mile” between the Finnish sea port and Neste’s delivery locations are done with Unifeeder trucks fueled with Neste’s MY Renewable Diesel™, which reduces greenhouse gas emissions by up to 90% compared to fossil fuels.

“We are very happy about Unifeeders’ eagerness to support our climate targets. We believe sustainability is all about partnerships and working together towards shared goals, in both efficiency as well as reducing emissions”, highlights Heidi Peltonen, Team Lead, Sustainable Partnerships at Neste Marketing & Services.

A fruitful partnership, allowing both companies to live up to their responsibilities and move closer to reaching their ambitious sustainability targets to mitigate climate change.

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