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US and Allies issue ‘Final Warning’ to The Houthis over Red Sea Attacks

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WASHINGTON : A strong warning has been issued to the Houthi rebels in Yemen by the United States and twelve of its allies, including Australia, Belgium, Bahrain, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Netherlands, Singapore, and the United Kingdom. The joint statement issued by the White House denounced the Houthis’ 24 unlawful missile and drone strikes on foreign vessels since the M/V Galaxy Leader was taken over on November 19.

The attacks, which have become more intense in recent weeks, directly threaten the Red Sea’s freedom of navigation, a vital route for international trade. The declaration stressed how the Houthi attacks, which have targeted military and civilian ships, are illegal and disruptive. It highlighted the Houthis’ accountability for risking lives, the world economy, and the unhindered flow of trade in the area and the disastrous consequences if they continued their current course of conduct.

The United States launched Operation Prosperity Guardian in December to respond to the Houthis’ conduct; it is a defensive coalition that aims to protect international shipping and mariners in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden. The Houthi attacks have continued despite the coalition’s accomplishments in stopping anti-ship ballistic missiles. The most recent attack on a CMA CGM containership and a possible attempt to capture a Maersk containership are only two examples of the attacks.

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