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V-Care Group, Ahmedabad begins a new chapter with Book Launch on subject “Make Successful Career in International Shipping & Logistics”

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AHMEDABAD : International shipping & logistics industry is one of the fastest growing and changing industries in the world.

With the acceleration of digital economy, it has opened more doors for the job seekers. To inspire the next youth & introduce them to the fast changing industry of International Shipping & Logistics, Mr.Dhaval Shah, Founder of V-Care Group, Ahmedabad has launched his book on subject “Make Successful Career in International Shipping & Logistics” on 5th February, 2023 at Ahmedabad Management Association, Ahmedabad.

This book is a reader’s digest for youth aspiring to join shipping and logistic industry. Whether you are pursuing a programme in International Shipping & Logistics or have just begun working in this industry, this book will serve as a ready reckoner for detailed understanding and execution of different processes in the industry. Students with start-up ideas shall also find this book very useful.

While sharpening your academic knowledge in this industry, this book will equip you with a lot of practical know-how that only comes with extensive experience in the industry. Right from presenting a pressing case to work in the shipping industry this book takes you on a voyage through everything important that you will encounter day in and day out while working in the shipping industry. This book will serve as a ready reckoner for shipping fraternity members also who have just started career in this industry.

Why it’s must read for you?

This book is easy-to understand explanations of core concepts; comprehensive knowledge of the industry specific terminology; know industry standards and regulations; crux of 23 years of industry experience and learn about rewarding career options in the industry.

This book is available on Amazon and also you can order your copy on resource@vcare.group  to purchase this book.

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