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Visakha Container Terminal sets new records with longest vessels handled

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VISAKHAPATNAM : Visakha Container Terminal (VCTPL) of J M Baxi Ports & Logistics has achieved a historic milestone by handling the two longest vessels ever to berth at any Indian port on the East Coast. This achievement highlights Visakha Container Terminal’s capacity to manage mega vessels, reinforcing its commitment to expanding capabilities and enhancing operational efficiency.

M.V. MSC Teresa
On May 3, 2024, Visakha Container Terminal welcomed the M.V. MSC TERESA, measuring 365.5 meters in length overall (LOA) with a TEU capacity of 14,604 and a beam of 51.2 meters. With a gross registered tonnage (GRT) of 153,115, MSC TERESA stands as one of the largest vessels to grace the terminal.

M.V. MSC Monica Cristina
On May 11, 2024, just a week later, the M.V. MSC MONICA CRISTINA arrived, setting another record with an LOA of 365.99 meters, a TEU capacity of 15,256, and a beam of 51 meters. With a GRT of 150,783, MSC MONICA CRISTINA further demonstrated Visakha Container Terminal’s enhanced handling capabilities.

These records underscore Visakha Container Terminal’s strategic focus on improved infrastructure and operational efficiency. Handling such large vessels requires state-of-the-art equipment, advanced planning, and seamless coordination. Visakha Container Terminal’s ability to accommodate these mega vessels not only sets new benchmarks but also positions the terminal as a pivotal player in the global logistics and shipping industry.

Visakha Container Terminal’s success is credited to ongoing investments in infrastructure and technology. Upgrades to berthing facilities, crane capabilities, and logistics processes ensure efficient handling of large vessels, in line with the terminal’s vision for expansion and innovation.

Continuously pushing boundaries for operational excellence, Visakha Container Terminal prioritizes sustainability and growth. Recent achievements serve as not only milestones but also as foundational steps toward handling larger vessels and bolstering throughput capacity.

The successful handling of MSC TERESA and MSC MONICA CRISTINA signifies a significant milestone for Visakha Container Terminal, J M Baxi Ports & Logistics. These accomplishments underscore the terminal’s ability to manage large-scale operations and meet the escalating demands of global trade.

Through ongoing innovation and expansion initiatives, Visakha Container Terminal establishes a new industry benchmark in logistics and shipping, laying the groundwork for future achievements.

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