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Vishakhapatnam Port launches ₹57.26 Cr Coastal Conservation Project

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VISAKHAPATNAM : Vishakhapatnam Port Authority (VPA) has started a project to protect Ramakrishna Beach and the Submarine Museum from erosion and preserve their natural beauty. The project will last three years and cost ₹57.26 crores. In the first phase, they plan to pump 6.3 lakh cubic meters of sand onto the beach, and in the second phase, 2.1 lakh cubic meters, costing ₹19.09 crores. This sand pumping will take place for 30 days each year.

Inaugurating the project, VPA Chairman Mr. Madhaiyaan Angamuthu said the port authority is committed to combating beach erosion by replenishing the Rama Krishna Beach with sand sourced from the outer harbour’s sand trap. “This collaborative annual effort with the state government plays a crucial role in preserving the pristine beauty of Vizag’s coastline,” he remarked.

DCI will utilise its state-of-the-art dredgers to dredge sand from within the port area and transport it to RK Beach through a self-floating pipeline spanning 0.50 kilometres, employing the rainbowing technique. VPA Deputy Chairman Durgesh Kumar Dubey, VPA / DCI CVO P.S Lingeswara Swami and GM Captain K.M. Choudhary also attended the inauguration ceremony.

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