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Bolloré Logistics Australia celebrates International Women’s Day 2023

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SYDNEY : On 8th March 2023, Bolloré Logistics Australia was honored to have Thierry EHRENBOGEN, CEO, Bollore Logistics join in our International Women’s Day celebration in the Sydney office.

As part of the celebrations, Thierry EHRENBOGEN shared about the importance of equity and equal access to resources and opportunities for all individuals within the Bolloré Group.

“Our success depends on the women and men who make up Bolloré Logistics. Talent has no gender and has nothing to do with age or origins. Our company must be as inclusive as possible to embrace talents wherever they are; meaning everywhere.” Thierry EHRENBOGEN, CEO of Bolloré Logistics.

At Bolloré Logistics Australia, we #EmbraceEquity and constantly strive to create a workplace environment that is diverse, inclusive and supports women empowerment.

Thibault JANSSENS, CEO of Bolloré Logistics Pacific, said, “We are proud to say that we have 32 different nationalities working in Bolloré Logistics Australia and enjoy a fair gender balance of 45% men and 55% women, of which many hold positions with high responsibility in our Sydney branch. As we celebrate IWD, we recognize that biases still exist today. For men, we need to support and advocate the IWD causes to ensure that our sisters, daughters, partners, and/or mothers are being fairly treated and have the same opportunities to grow and succeed.”

The celebration of International Women’s Day and speeches by the management team were meant to show appreciation once again for the many women that Bolloré Logistics Australia are fortunate to call a part of our team

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