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DGFT announces Two-Week Export Obligation Discharge Certificates (EODC) Camp for Pending Applications

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NEW DELHI : The DGFT issued Trade Notice No. 29/2023-24 dated October 13, 2023, with the aim of expediting the processing of pending applications for Export Obligation Discharge Certificates (“EODC”) for Advance Authorisations and EPCG. In light of this, the Regional Authorities (“RAs”) listed in the attached Annexure are directed to organize a two-week EODC camp from November 13, 2023, to November 24, 2023.

To facilitate the expedited disposal of pending applications for Export Obligation Discharge Certificate (EODC) for Advance Authorisations and EPCG, it is decided that the concerned RAs (as per Annexure enclosed), shall organise a 2-week EODC camp w.e.f. November 13, 2023 to November 24, 2023.

RAs shall make requisite preparations for the EODC camp proposed. RAs shall duly publicize the camp to all concerned exporters with un-redeemed AA/EPCG Authorisations. Exporters whose EODC applications are pending, and their licence status is not reflected as ‘Closed’ on the DGFT Website, are advised to make use of the camp in earnest and ensure that un-redeemed licence pendency is disposed to the maximum extent feasible. The post- lunch session of the above period would be exclusively reserved for this purpose.

Reference Trade Notice 28/2021-22 dated December 31, 2021 and Trade Notice Trade Notice 01/2023-24 dated April 06, 2023 issued earlier, the following points are reiterated for due compliance please –

i. For applications wherein physical files were submitted for redemption/closure to the RA earlier, the RA on examination of the said files should generate the EODC letter online by navigating to License Room, select relevant License number → Click on “EODC Status Update” button and generate the EODC letter online.

ii. Also, for cases where the authorisation was redeemed earlier but not updated by the RA online, the given set of steps are to be followed such that the authorisation status is duly updated in the online systems.

iii. Alternatively, the AA/EPCG Authorisation holder may also submit EODC status. update application by navigating to DGFT website → Services → AA / EPCG → EODC Status update.

iv. RA as well as the Exporter is mandated to ensure that the status of all redeemed AA/EPCG authorisations are duly updated in the DGFT online systems.

v. EODC issued online are transmitted electronically to Customs ICEGATE System in near real-time, to facilitate the discharge of Customs bond and other related activities at the Customs port.

vi. No Export Obligation Discharge Certificates (EODC) are to be issued manually or through any legacy IT system(s). All MIS reports are to be generated by the RA based on the data updated online.

Difficulties if any, may be brought to the notice of the undersigned immediately. This Trade Notice is issued with the approval of the Competent Authority.

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