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FFFAI’s all India 12th Executive Committee Meeting held in Ahmedabad

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AHMEDABAD : The Federation of Freight Forwarders’ Associations in India (FFFAI) held its 12th Executive Committee (EC) Meeting in Ahmedabad on February 10 and 11, 2023, which was hosted by Ahmedabad Customs Brokers Association Team.

The EC Meeting was attended by the Office Bearers of the Federation and representatives from 30 Member associations from across the country. At this 12th EC Meeting the FFFAI Members deliberated on various industry issues including Customs, Taxes, CBLR, EDI, Port & Shipping, Costal/Inland Waterways, ICDS and airports. The EC meeting also pondered on FFFAI initiatives on skill development & training, women wing and youth wing.

Majority of Policy recommendations were made to highlight for Customs trade facilitation measures under ease of doing business, infrastructure development and Digital transaction.

Also the training and development in logistics sector which initiatives shall be carried by the FFFAI – IIFF (Indian Institute of Freight Forwarders) with e-learning introduction and FIATA Diploma Courses.

FFFAI appreciating the efforts and members felicitated the following Member associations and Members:

  1. Mr. Shankar Shinde, Chairman FFFAI for unanimously elected as Chairman, IFCBA (International Federation of Customs Brokers Association)
  2. Delhi Customs Brokers Association, for completing 50 years of service to trade (Golden Jubilee)
  3. Brihanmumbai Customs Brokers Association for being conferred with WCO Certificate of Merit by CBIC on the occasion of World Customs Day 2023.
  4. Ahmedabad Customs Brokers Association for their valuable contribution
  5. Ludhiana Customs Brokers Association for receiving award of Appreciation from Customs
  6. Pune Customs Brokers Association for Customs recognition
  7. Mr. Rajdeep Bhargava, FFFAI EC Member, for Customs recognition
  8. Mr. Dhiren Chaya, FFFAI EC Member for Customs recognition
  9. Visakhapatnam Customs Brokers’ Association and The Kakinada Customs Brokers Association for their valuable contribution towards Women Wings port visit.

Also presentation on ‘Business Continuity Planning’ focusing on Best Practices guidelines for the benefits of the members was made by Mr Samir J Shah, Advisor FFFAI, which highlighted to cope with future challenges.

Mr. Shankar Shinde, Chairman, FFFAI highlighted the initiatives of International Customs Day dedicated theme by World Customs Organization (WCO) in Brussels 2023 on “Nurturing the next generation: promoting a culture of knowledge-sharing and professional pride in Customs.” This is a theme close to the IFCBA and its members around the world, as Customs experts and Customs practitioners. “FFFAI will be happy to take this forward to benefit the trade members to professionalize the Logistics Industry.” said Mr Shinde. He also pointed out that the recommendations made to the Ministries, Government departments and stakeholders will be helpful to  the trade in reducing cost and dwell time.

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