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For The First Time, ‘The Oslo,’ The Largest Cargo Ship Arrives At Visakhapatnam Port

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The largest cargo ship ‘The Oslo’, arrived at Inner Harbour of Visakhapatnam port on Monday.

The ship is reported to be 229.20 meters long and has a beam of 38 meters. 

The Oslo left the port of Richard Bay in South Africa and reached the port of Visakhapatnam with steam coal in the morning, the officials said. A cargo ship with such a heavy load has arrived for the first time in the history of the Visakhapatnam port, officials added.

Visakhapatnam port authorities conducted a simulation study in Singapore last year to bring heavy ships into the Inner Harbour.

Since this is the first time such a heavy load has arrived at the Visakhapatnam port, it attracted a lot of viewers to the sight. Port officials believe that it is a great thing that a cargo ship with such a heavy load has reached the port.

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