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NYK joins World Business Council for Sustainable Development

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TOKYO : NYK has joined the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD); headquarters: Geneva, Switzerland), a global community of business sectors to challenge sustainability issues. NYK President Takaya Soga will represent the company as a WBCSD council member.

WBCSD is a CEO-led community of over 200 companies from business sectors across the world united by the shared vision of “creating a world in which 9+ billion people are living well, within planetary boundaries, by 2050.” WBCSD has determined climate emergency, nature loss, and mounting inequality to be the world’s three critical challenges and is currently working with the United Nations, governments, and NGOs to address these issues. NYK is the first Japanese shipping company to join WBCSD.

Through its participation in WBCSD, the NYK Group, as a corporate group that conducts business activities against the backdrop of a natural environment comprising the oceans, land, and air, seeks to become more aware and knowledgeable of best practices regarding world-leading sustainability, and actively exchange opinions on these issues, as the Group aims to address social issues through its business activities.

On March 10, 2023, the NYK Group released its medium-term management plan“Sail Green, Drive Transformations 2026 — A Passion for Planetary Wellbeing.” The NYK Group is promoting growth strategies with ESG at the core, based on the Group’s basic philosophy of “Bringing value to life” and a new corporate vision for 2030, which reads, “we go beyond the scope of a comprehensive global logistics enterprise to co-create value required for the future by advancing our core business and growing new ones.”

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