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PortXchange Shiptracker launched globally

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PortXchange Products B.V., the Netherlands-based digital solutions provider for predictable and sustainable shipping, is pleased to announce the launch of its newest product, PortXchange Shiptracker to the maritime community.

NETHERLAND : PortXchange enables port call optimization and CO2 reduction by improving schedule predictability. With the launch of Shiptracker, port communities can receive reliable estimated time of arrivals (ETAs) to optimize their operations. Unlike other automatic identification systems (AIS) tracking solutions, Shiptracker calculates predictions up to three weeks in advance, making it easier for shippers, cargo owners, and other parties involved in a port call (port authorities, terminal operators, agents) to plan the allocation of their resources efficiently. In addition,  Shiptracker  allows users to select a destination port, which then generates an automated port call vessel list. All vessels with ETA predictions sailing to that specific port are also highlighted on a live map. 

Shiptracker was implemented first in the Port of Rotterdam, and has been live there for three years. Last year,  Shiptracker attracted more than 70,000 website visitors.

With interest growing from other ports, PortXchange is offering a ‘community license’ subscription for port authorities to embed the Shiptracker map into their own proprietary websites. This will allow the port authorities to provide free access to accurate ETAs directly to their maritime community. With Shiptracker, port authorities can even go one step further by integrating their planning into the system, providing the best of both worlds.

The product is currently being offered in three versions: an entry level free subscription; a ‘Basic’ license and ‘Premium’ unlimited licenses. The free entry level product includes: live terrestrial and satellite vessel tracking; email notification of ATA (Actual Time of Arrival); a portcall vessel list view; vessel information, and reported ETA.

Users can start for free, and receive a 14-day trial of the Shiptracker Basic plan to experience the benefits of calculated ETAs.

As PortXchange is on a mission to reduce CO2 emissions from the maritime industry, it plans to add a carbon emissions report for each vessel to Shiptracker to increase awareness about its carbon footprint. 

A premium (unlimited licenses) with even more additional features, such as adding a vessel list via API (Application Programming Interface) and embedded map module is due to be released in the coming months.

Robbert Engels, PortXchange’s Director of Product, commented: “ Around 30% of global shipping gets delayed, and it’s a real challenge for everyone involved in logistics to plan their operations because of that. With Shiptracker, we wanted to improve visibility and make vessel arrival times more predictable so that every party who depends on this information can access it to optimize their business.“

Source : port-xchange.com

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