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Unique celebration of Women’s Day by gifting a book by V-Care Group

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V-Care Group Founder, Mr Dhaval Shah, presents his book to prominent women in the shipping & logistics industry on the occasion of International Women’s Day.

AHMEDABAD : In celebration of International Women’s Day, Mr Dhaval Shah, Founder of V-Care Group, presented his book, “Make a Successful Career in International Shipping & Logistics”, to leading women in the shipping and logistics industry. The book serves as a comprehensive guide for those seeking a career in the dynamic and fast-growing industry.

Women have been traditionally underrepresented in many male-dominated field. Representation of women in the industry’s workforce, especially at senior positions is scarce. The lack of gender diversity in the industry not only limits career opportunities for women but also results in missed opportunities for growth and innovation.

By gifting his book to prominent women in the shipping and logistics industry, Dhaval Shah took an important step towards promoting gender diversity and inclusivity in the field as well as inspiring young women to work in this field. The gesture also serves as a reminder of the importance of supporting and empowering women in all industries, particularly in those where they are underrepresented.

With the increasing demand for e-commerce and supply chain efficiency, shipping and logistics industry is experiencing unprecedented growth. The book presents a case for the shipping and logistics industry as a rewarding career opportunity. It provides an overview of how the industry and serves as a reader’s digest introducing youth to the industry, how it operates and how fast it is changing.

For young women and men interested in pursuing a career in the shipping and logistics industry, the book “Make a Successful Career in International Shipping & Logistics” is a valuable resource. The book is readily available on Amazon also.

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