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Wilson Sons terminals grow 26% in October

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BERMUDA : Wilson Sons, a leader in port and maritime logistics in Brazil, reported a strong growth in operations at its container terminals in October. With modern infrastructure, Rio Grande Container Terminal (RS) and Salvador Container Terminal (BA), which are equipped to operate some of the largest ships in the world, reported a 26.5% rise in aggregated volumes last month compared to the same period in 2022. The results were mainly driven by higher transshipment volumes as well as an increase in exports, imports, cabotage and inland navigation. Altogether, 103,000 TEUs (twenty-foot equivalent units) were handled. In the first ten months of the year, 870,000 TEUs were handled, representing an increase of 14%.

The Rio Grande Container Terminal, which attends the main shipping lines that connect the South and the rest of Brazil to important international markets, the highlights were transshipment and shifting operations, which increased 131% in October. Transshipment operations consist of connecting two shipping lines by transferring containers between vessels in order to carry cargo to different parts of the world. Last month, 13,400 TEUs were handled, especially due to an increase in cargo transshipment to and from Northern Europe. Inland navigation also showed a sharp 43.1% increase at Rio Grande Container Terminal, driven by higher volumes of wood and resins.

Brazil’s most automated terminal, Rio Grande, also reported significant growth in exports. The increase was of 34%, with larger volumes of resins and wood. Imports rose 25%, with greater volumes of resins, chemicals and parts and pieces. As a result, total volumes at Rio Grande increased by 37%, compared to the same period in 2022, totalling 63,000 TEUs.

Salvador Container Terminal, which connects the North and Northeast of Brazil to the global trade, also performed strongly, handling a record number of 40,000 TEUs in October. Total volumes rose 13%, especially due to an increase in transshipment and shiftings of imports and exports.

Transshipment and shiftings rose by 31% at the Salvador terminal, with an increase in cargo from Morocco, India and Saudi Arabia, as well as cargo transported to the Port of Pecém, in Ceará. Exports rose 8%, with greater volumes of fruit, cotton and wood pulp, while imports increased 18%, driven by solar panels, electrical and electronic goods, and chemical products.

“We are seeing robust growth at our terminals, which reflects the commitment to the continuous improvement of our operating excellence. Our purpose is to serve our clients while pursuing long-term sustainable development oriented to the creation of value for our stakeholders”, said Wilson Sons CEO Fernando Salek.

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