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Historical Moment for DPA as freedom fighter’s son returns 1960 KANDLA PORT PROJECT badge to the Port

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GANDHIDHAM : The Government of India, taking into consideration, the eminent role played by Shri Dipak Kumar Joshi, son of Late Shri Jayantilal Joshi, FREEDOM FIGHTER, was given opportunity to work in KANDLA PORT PROJECT from 20-11-1956 to 03-10-1960.

Shri Dipak from Bharuch presented his Father BADGE possessed by him since 1960, having carving on it “KANDLA PORT PROJECT” and symbol of National Emblem, back to the Port. He gave back this BADGE to Shri C. Harichandran, Secretary-DPA, as souvenir to Deendayal Port Authority as loving memory of his father, who was FREEDOM FIGHTER and was having association with the then KANDLA PORT PROJECT.

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