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Learning & Development : How the Logistics sector trains employees to improve bottom line

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Interacting with ETHRWorld, industry leaders from the logistics sector shared how their organisations are developing and implementing learning strategies and programmes for employees that meet their business needs.

MUMBAI : Learning and Development (L&D), commonly referred to as training and development, is organisationally part of HR. The goal of L&D is to align employees’ goals and performance with that of the organisation. The L&D manager is responsible for developing and implementing an organisation’s learning strategies.

In the hybrid working environment, the learning and development duties can include a wide range of responsibilities which are both theoretical as well as technological in nature.

Talking about the importance of L&D, Ms. Jothi Menon, Director – HR, Spoton Logistics, said “The logistics sector’s work is designed out of the office, so the company has adopted a more flexible ongoing approach which is output-driven”.

Spoton has initiated to provide virtual sessions to the employees. Virtual sessions have indeed increased the optimization of time as it is easier to conduct the sessions for a larger audience on an online platform. This has allowed all the employees to attend the sessions at the same time irrespective of their location, in one go.

The company also started sharing recorded learning modules and information to the employees who faced poor network, broadband issues, operational issues with technology or lack of adequate devices.

Noting the challenges the pandemic brought, Mr. Sunjoy Dhaawan, VP – HR, DHL Express India, said, “As remote working continues to evolve, continuous learning and development becomes a priority for employees as well as HR leaders.”

The company understands the new ways of effective teaching, migrated to byte sized learning through the mobile app ‘As One’ thus, replacing the classroom programmes with online formats.

DHL also curated an international forum ‘Global Learn and Grow Week,’ a platform that gave teams across the globe access to expert speakers to share their knowledge, intel and experience thus making learning truly universal and accessible.

The company also launched a new programme called ‘Women Empowered’, a chat show which focuses on diversity and inclusion sensitivities and learnings.

Talking about the key skills required in the current times, Ms. Indrani Chatterjee, Group Chief People Officer, Allcargo Logistics, said the company has initiated a classroom setup for training programmes; online interventions have made training programmes more interactive and maximized their outreach to cover a larger group of people.

Allcargo Logistics also provides L&D incentives to the employees who upgrade themselves. A budget is allocated for facilitating employees to pursue courses on digital and technology, the employees who upgrade their skills are reimbursed or given small bonuses.

Ms. Tanushree Ray, Head of HR, Shadowfax Technologies, said, “We have set up a team specialised in e-learning content development to build customized content for our employees. This has enhanced the experience of learning and helped the employees to acquire some new skills and knowledge.”

“We also conducted focused surveys and group discussions to fulfil the learning needs of the ground operation team,” Ray added.

Special methods adopted and progress so far

Mentioning the priorities, Menon said, Spoton Logistics emphasizes on providing different levels of training in operations, sales, customer service, leadership development programmes, accounting, and developing the employees’ digital, cognitive capabilities, adaptability and their resilience.

“Apart from that, the company also has initiated a special programme which entirely focuses on training women employees to provide them with upliftment and empowerment,” said Ms. Jothi Menon, adding, “The pace of completing the extensive training of every employee to virtual training and learning programmes, has helped in achieving optimal productivity from each of the employees.”

Talking about the programmes, Mr. Dhaawan said DHL has introduced modules such as empowering productivity, engagement and learning during the pandemic, techniques for remote management, data analytics, lessons on new tools and portals.

Mr. Dhaawan further mentioned that the company has set up a programme called ‘Umang’ which enables the employees to have access to higher education once again. This initiative has helped not just the employees individually but also helped the company in building a stronger, learned workforce.

Ms. Chatterjee mentioned that Allcargo Logistics focuses on enhancing the digital compatibility of the employees to ensure work continuity and momentum as remote working emerges as the new normal in the wake of the pandemic.

According to Ms. Chatterjee, Allcargo Logistics believes that managing ambiguity, crisis management and developing resilience to deal with stressful situations are key attributes that need to be imbibed by the employees. Thus, most of the training programmes and learning & development interventions are targeted towards imbibing special skill developments in the employees, she said.

Ms. Ray concluded by saying, “Shadowfax Technology conducted management training sessions where they could discuss and learn some new age management skills. Also, our leadership team came together every Friday for a Sundowner session which featured established speakers and entrepreneurs as the Chief Guests to share their experiences and motivate the team.”

Source : ET HR World

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