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Maersk : Peak Season Surcharge (PSS) – Far East Asia to East Cost South America

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COPENHAGEN : In order to keep providing you with our global services, Maersk is introducing the Peak Season Surcharge (PSS) for 20dry, 40dry, 40hdry & 45hdry containers from Far East countries (excl. Vietnam and Taiwan China) to ECSA effective 16th Nov 23, for Taiwan China to East Coast South America effective 3rd Dec 23, For Vietnam to East Coast South America effective 18th Nov 23.

The New tariff levels are as follows:

Fee – PSS

OriginDestinationEffective DatesContainer TypeCurrencyNew tariff levels
Brunei, China, Hong Kong China, Indonesia, Japan, Cambodia, Korea, South, Laos, Myanmar (Burma), Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Timor LesteEast Coast South America16-Nov-2023ALL_DRY & NORUSD300
VietnamEast Coast South America18-Nov-2023ALL_DRY & NORUSD300
Taiwan ChinaEast Coast South America03-Dec-2023ALL_DRY & NORUSD300

*ALL_DRY includes dry containers, open-top and flat rack.
*PCD = Price Calculation Date. For non-FMC, PCD refers to the scheduled departure date of the first water leg at the time of booking confirmation for non-spot bookings. For FMC, PCD is last container gate-in date for non-spot bookings.
* For SPOT shipment, the effective date is referring to the scheduled departure date of the first water leg.

For your reference, we have also included the levels and rate structure for some sample corridors (Short Term) from Shanghai, CN to Santos, BR valid from 16-Nov-2023 until further notice. These may be subject to future change, and we will notify you accordingly.

Shanghai, CN to Santos, BR

Dry container

Surcharge code20 DRY40 DRY40 HC
OF – Ocean Freight11800 USD12300 USD12300 USD
CP1(Container Protect Essential)150 BRL150 BRL150 BRL
IMP(Import Service)30 USD30 USD30 USD
DDF(Documentation fee – Destination) – Per Bill of lading420 BRL420 BRL420 BRL
EXP(Export Service)294 CNY316 CNY316 CNY
ODF(Documentation Fee Origin) – Per Bill of lading450 CNY450 CNY450 CNY
DHC(Terminal Handling Service – Destination)1227 BRL1227 BRL1227 BRL
OHC(Terminal Handling Service – Origin)563 CNY856 CNY856 CNY
PSS300 USD300 USD300 USD
  • The above rates are also subject to other applicable surcharges, including local charges and contingency charges.
  • These rates are unaffected by, and do not affect, any tariff notified, published, or filed in accordance with local regulatory requirements.
  • For trades subject to the US Shipping Act or the China Maritime Regulations, quotations or surcharges that vary from the Maersk tariff shall not be binding on Maersk unless included in a service contract or service contract amendment that has been filed with the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) or the Shanghai Shipping Exchange, as applicable.
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