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MOL establish chief country representative of the Netherlands- Aiming to enhance ties within MOL Group

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TOKYO : Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. (MOL; President & CEO: Takeshi Hashimoto) today announced to establish “Chief Country Representative of the Netherlands” under the “Chief Executive Representatives of Europe, Africa“, effective July 16, 2021.

[Nation and Name of Chief Country Representative]

NationCityChief Country Representative
The NetherlandsTilburgHiroki Sakaya

Duties of the new Chief Country Representative of the Netherlands will include analyzing social and economic situations in the EU area, which is taking the lead in responding to environmental issues, and enhancing MOL’s information-gathering capabilities with the aim of pioneering and expanding businesses in the area based on the company’s regional strategy and promoting the environmental strategy set forth in Rolling Plan 2021.

Sakaya concurrently serves as Chief Country Representative of the Netherlands and Managing Director of MOL Group company MOL Logistics Holding (Europe) B.V., and will work to pioneer businesses outside the realm of transport by developing group-wide, comprehensive capabilities in which are not limited to transport, by making the group’s comprehensive capabilities in cooperation with the Chief Country Representative of Germany. The MOL Group will respond to new customers’ needs in line with the times by drawing upon its broad-ranging regional network.

The organization chart of chief executive representatives, chief country representatives, and assistants to chief country representatives (effective July 16, 2021) is shown below (changes from July 16, 2021 are marked with (*)). In addition, the company continually enhances its regional operating structure.

North America/Central America/Caribbean
Executive OfficerHirotoshi Ushioku
Chief Executive RepresentativeKatsumi Nagata
United States of AmericaKatsumi Nagata
(Assistant) Giacomo Cassaro
MexicoYasuhiro Mochizuki
South America
Executive OfficerHirotoshi Ushioku
Chief Executive RepresentativeToshitake Daigo
BrazilToshitake Daigo
(Assistant) Ana Carolina Siniscalchi
ChileTakuya Fuchikami
Executive OfficerKenta Matsuzaka
Chief Executive RepresentativeTatsuro Watanabe
GermanyTsuyoshi Yamamoto
The NetherlandsHiroki Sakaya (*)
TurkeySatoshi Katada
(Assistant) Cem Kaya
Mozambique/South AfricaMitsuru Fukushima
RussiaKenji Yokoi 
Asia/Middle East/Oceania
Executive OfficerNobuo Shiotsu
Chief Executive RepresentativeMasahiko Okubo
SingaporeMasahiko Okubo
(Assistant) Terence Wong
MalaysiaRyuichiro Kijima
MyanmarYutaka Sakanishi
VietnamYutaka Sakanishi
China/TaiwanSenji Tokumoto
Hong KongRyokichi Asai
South KoreaToru Fujii
(Assistant) Youngdeok Park
The PhilippinesTeiichiro Shinoda
ThailandSatoshi Yamaguchi
IndonesiaYo Ishizaki
IndiaKoji Wada
(Assistant) Anand Jayaraman
U.A.E.Yutaka Ikeda
(Assistant) Sanjay Barodawala
AustraliaHideyuki Irisawa

Source : MOL

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