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Praxis Automation awarded major contract from Rawabi Vallianz Offshore Services to equip the entire offshore fleet with dynamic positioning systems

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THE NETHERLANDS : Praxis Automation, a global leader in ship automation, electrical propulsion and dynamic positioning systems, announced that it has been awarded a long-term collaborative contract by Rawabi Vallianz Offshore Services (RVOS), a Saudi world class support service provider to the offshore industry. RVOS is one of the offshore service companies of Rawabi Energy company.

Under this RVOS fleet-wide contract, new build and existing offshore support vessels will be equipped with Praxis dynamic positioning systems, as well as customised equipment and software for digitization of the fleet in phases agreed with RVOS. This collaboration marks a pivot point in advancing maritime technology and safety in the gulf region.

In total Praxis Automation will supply 59 shipsets of Praxis DP-2 systems under this contract, facilitating a remarkable transformation of RVOS’s fleet capabilities. This comprehensive project encompasses the conversion of 39 vessels with existing DP systems to Praxis DP-2 System, including the supply to 20 newbuild vessels ordered by RVOS from other regions in the world.

Ahmed Alqadeeb, Managing Director of Rawabi Energy, emphasized the importance of partnering with a technology leader like Praxis Automation, stating, “Our fleet’s operational success hinges on a strong technology partnership. Praxis Automation has proven their performance during an earlier successful DP-1 to DP-2 retrofit project on 14 RVOS ships, justifying their status as a solid and reliable technology partner. With this new contract, we will boost our fleet status, having the most modern offshore support vessel (OSV) fleet in the kingdom, renowned for its technological prowess and digitalized operations catering to the needs of Saudi Aramco”.

Jerome Lin, Sales Director at Praxis Automation Far East, highlighted the pivotal role played by Praxis during the earlier 14 ships DP-2 refit program, in the success of this new contract. “Together with our local partner Integrated Maritime Service in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Praxis Automation not only supplied the advanced DP-2 systems, but also extended its technological partnership to encompass the digitalization initiatives of RVOS’s fleet. Our commitment to guarantee through-life-support and non-obsolete parts throughout the vessel’s operational lifespan is paramount in ensuring uninterrupted vessel operations within the kingdom.” Faisal Al-Zahrani, Managing Director of IMS underscores the significance of fostering a robust technological partnership with Praxis Automation in Saudi Arabia as part of the kingdom’s commitment to advancing digitalization and electrification efforts.

This collaboration allows Praxis Automation’s to display its commitment and support to RVOS in providing cutting-edge maritime technology solutions that enhance safety, efficiency, and digitalization in the maritime industry. The collaborative efforts between Praxis Automation and RVOS is the foundation towards setting new standards of excellence in the offshore sector.

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